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This year, as in other years, many Canadians honour past and previous members

of our military by recognizing Remembrance Day.

Many of us had grandparents or aunts or uncles

in one of the First or Second World Wars or even those that followed.

In the First World War, the term "No Man's Land" 

referred to the narrow, muddy, treeless stretch of land, characterized by numerous 

shell holes, that separated German and Allied trenches. 

Being in No Man’s Land was considered very dangerous since it offered 

little or no protection for soldiers. 

The threatening emptiness of this mysterious strip of land was notorious, 

being much enhanced by the difficulty and danger of retrieving the wounded or dead.

On September 5, 2008, Senior Club Member Tom Grylls wrote

the following poem in memory of our veterans and current members of the military.

Dedicated to the Honour and Memory of all those brave Canadians who fight and who have fought and 

who have died in WW 1, WW 2, Korea, Bosnia, Afghanistan and as peacekeepers in No Man’s Land,

No Man’s Land

We heard the call to come and save

Those beaten down by those depraved.

We left our homes so far away

And all we love remains away.

We do not fight for gold or fame

It is our job just the same.

So here I am fighting to bring peace in no man’s land.

I hear the shells in dark of night.

They come so close each time we fight.

And in the day you cannot see

Those who would kill my friends and me,

And women and children indiscriminately.

So here I am fighting my way through no man’s land.

I hold his hand, his eyes are dim.

He speaks no more, no life within.

He was my friend and will always be,

Never erased by a dark enemy.

I mourn my loss, his loss of life,

He left a child, he left a wife.

My friend is dead and fights no more in no man’s land.

And if that time should come to be

When we have set these people free,

Those who’ve passed on will smile down,

They've helped bring peace to every town.

I ask you now, I’ll ask you then.

Please take my hand and bring me home,

Please take my hand and bring me home.

Please take my hand and bring me home from no man’s land.

Thomas C. Grylls

September 5, 2008.