Crean Hill Gun Club

Serving the Sport Shooters of the District of Sudbury Since 1965

1. You must already have a firearms licence which is now called a Possession & Acquisition Licence (PAL).  You may or may not have a PAL for restricted firearms/pistols.  A restricted designation is not required for membership as we have many rifle shooters and black powder shooters at the club.  You can obtain the restricted component of your licence separately and have it added to your licence after you join if that is what you wish to do.

2. You must obtain a membership application from the Membership Director using the link below and complete it.

3. Every new member must provide a copy of his or her firearms licence and driver's licence with the application.  We are required to obtain proof of your firearms licence in order to be able to inform the Chief Firearms Office that you are a member and that you are properly licenced.  We need to determine your address and identifiers for the membership registry which is password protected on a secure server.  This requirement applies to each person applying for a family membership including children under the age of 18 who will not have a PAL.  Children over 18 can, up to the age of 21 years, be family members if living at home and in full-time attendance at school.

4. Membership dues for an individual are currently $150.00, $45.00 for CSSA dues & insurance, (plus a $25.00 administration fee for new members) and a levy of $25 per year for those wishing to use the indoor range during the winter months.  The $25 levy covers the cost of propane and maintenance of the indoor target return system.  You do not have to pay the $25 is you are not going to be using the indoor range.  Family memberships are $230.00 plus $80 for CSSA days & insurance, (plus a single $25.00 administration fee for new members) and the $25.00 indoor range levy if you are going to use to use the indoor range during the winter months. 

5. Membership applications are available through the Membership Director.  Please contact the Membership Director to determine the most efficient method of providing your completed application, copies of your other documents and a cheque payable to the Crean Hill Gun Club for the total amount of your dues and fees.  We cannot accept membership fees electronically by EMT to [email protected]  The membership Director can be contacted using the Button below. Delivery of your documentation can often be accomplished in the mail or electronically.

6. Once your application, information and dues have been obtained, you will be given the contact information for one of our Education & Safety Officers so that you may complete the club level safety course.  You must complete a club level safety course in order to join a gun club in Ontario.  This is a requirement of the regulations to the Firearms Act.

7. Once you have completed those steps, all new members are required to take a range tour.  This will usually be done through the one of the Education & Safety Officers but can be done through the Membership Director or another Director. You will be given a member handbook which outlines the range protocols and practices.

8. Once you have completed the above steps, you are a member and you will be issued a membership card.  We prefer that all new members attend a membership meeting to introduce yourself to the Board of Directors and other club members who are present.  We have over 200 members so it is tough to keep track of that many faces.

9. On rare occasions, we have declined a membership.  This has been due to a negative reputation in the local firearms community, a demonstration of lack of courtesy, lack of respect for members and club property or failure to follow the safety rules of the club.

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