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Trudeau Government to Announce Nationwide Ban on 

Guns at Women’s Conference

Justin Trudeau will announce “a sweeping gun ban” at the 

Women Deliver Conference

in Vancouver, B.C., June 3-6 

with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in attendance.

Tony Clement dropped this bombshell in the House of Commons 

earlier on May 8, 2019. 

“I have it on good authority that the Prime Minister has a secret plan to ban legal

firearms. Apparently this plan is to be executed by Cabinet directive 

with no debate in Parliament. 

Can the Prime Minister confirm or deny this zero-accountability secret plan?”

Minister Bill Blair refused to answer the question.

Blair’s cross-Canada dog-and-pony-show 

did not deliver the information the Liberal

government wanted. 

Instead, his consultations showed Canadians, at 81%,

overwhelmingly oppose a national ban on handguns and semi-automatic rifles.

Mr. Clement said his “very reliable” source is 

not connected to the firearms industry or

gun owners advocacy groups, but to the Liberal Party itself.

This announcement was made by the CSSA today, May 10, 2019,

by e-mail to all of its members.

This plan, if carried out, would interfere in substantial ways with the

property rights and recreational activities

of hunters and sport shooters in Canada.

This proposal is unsupported by evidence, logic and common sense.

Politicians know that e-mails are cheap; one e-mail = one vote.

Letters in the mail have more impact.  

It is known that one letter sent in the mail

means that 500 other people have the same views as the letter-writer.

Letters to members of Parliament do not require postage.

You can reach the following members of Parliament at the 

addresses below to express your views.

It's time to take some positive steps to protect our lawful activities!

Marc Serre (Liberal)

Member of Parliament

Nickel Belt

Wellington Bldg. Room 535
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6 

Paul Lefebvre (Liberal)

Membef of Parliament


Confederation Building, Suite 730
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Tony Clement (PC)

Member of Parliament

Parry Sound - Muskoka

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6