Crean Hill Gun Club

Serving the Sport Shooters of the District of Sudbury Since 1965

The Crean Hill Gun Club is privileged to have 4 Provincial CSSA Instructors 

capable of certifying students in courses offered by the CSSA.

We are more than happy to host groups, or other clubs, at the Crean Hill Gun Club.

We can also make arrangements to travel to your club to provide on-site instruction.

Usually both courses are presented on the same weekend; one on Saturday and 

one on Sunday.

We provide all course material.  For the Train the Trainer Course the instructors also 

provide necessary firearms and dummy ammunition.

Anyone may take the courses listed below.

If you are not a member of the CSSA, you will need to join at a cost of $45.00 for a 

yearly membership. Your certification remains in forces as long as you keep your 

membership in CSSA active.

Each Course is $45.00.

Courses are offered when enough people show interest.

When we are asked to travel, and must stay overnight, 

it is best if the group is over 10 students.

One trainer can train up to eight people; two trainers are required for groups 

larger than eight up to twenty students.

CSSA Club Handgun Safety Course Instructor (Train the Trainer)

This is a full one day course and will be a hands-on type of learning with some review of 

previous knowledge.

The CFO expects that all Ontario gun clubs will conduct this course for each new 

member, so having multiple members certified as trainers will ensure these 

requirements are met.

The CFSC/CRFSC firearms licence courses provide a sound basis upon which to build 

candidates into safe and proficient shooters and firearms handlers.

This course is designed as a follow-up training package to the CFSC/CRFSC 

incorporating a review of that course material


  • Transportation
  • Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition


  • Nomenclature
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Ammunition components
  • Dry fire exercises.

At the conclusion of the classroom portion there will be a written and 

practical handling test.

NOTE: No firearms or ammunition are required.

A pen and paper are all that is required.

A lunch, drinks, and snacks are a good idea.

Range Safety Officers

The purpose of this course is to ensure all Range Officers are trained to the same 

standard, making for an improved shooting experience for our membership.

It is a 3/4 day course designed to train new candidates and/or upgrade current Range 

Safety Officers.

It is NOT designed for a specific discipline.

It is NOT intended to replace any current local safe practices.

It IS intended to enhance and refresh all current and future Range Safety Officers and 

Line Safety Officers in their duties and responsibilities while conducting an informal 

firing line.

At the conclusion of the RSO course, each candidate will be able to:

  • Explain the safety rules for the local club
  • Conduct an informal live firing range practice at the local club.

This includes:

  • Giving standard range commands
  • Maintaining and controlling a safe firing line for informal shooting at your local club
  • Acting as a Line Safety Officer when called upon to assist the Range Safety Officer
  • Successfully achieve the necessary standards in the written and practical tests.

If you have any questions regarding these courses please contact 

CSSA Training Officer Trevor Weise by using the dialogue box below!
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