Crean Hill Gun Club

Serving the Sport Shooters of the District of Sudbury Since 1965

Match Schedules

There have been some changes to the match schedules starting in


Please check the club calendar


you attend the club to ensure that the range you wish to use is available.


Please see Member's Only Section Regarding

Range Approvals, 2019,


Corporation Finance Updates.

Len Walker


I have had to Cancel

The IPSC Black Badge Course

scheduled for September 27, 28, 29, 2019,

due to insufficient interest.

If you are interested in taking this course in the spring, please check the web-site

 for the dates once they are determined.

Len Walker


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The next General Meeting of the Membership

is being held on

Thursday, September 26, 2019, at the club house starting at 7:00 p.m.

Please direct any membership renewal questions to the Membership Director

Guy Rochette at [email protected]

Persons wishing to obtain membership information directly may attend

any monthly membership meeting at 6:30 to speak with the Membership Director.


We have a Firearms Licence Instructor in our Midst!

Director and Club Secretary Guy Rochette will be 

will be scheduling some CFSC (PAL) and CRFSC (R-PAL) courses in the new year.

If you’re interested in taking one of the courses, please contact Guy Rochette



Club members seeking to upgrade their PAL's to include Restricted Firearms please

contact Firearms Instructor Guy Rochette

at (705) 919 0500 

Gun Repairs & Re-finishing!

Kent Hill,

a colleague and supporter of our club, has opened a new business!

Notch and Post Custom Inc.

Kent runs a small licensed shop offering: 

general gunsmithing; 


tuning; and, 


for restricted, non-restricted and prohibited handguns.

Kent is a Certified Glock and AR armorer.

For refinishing, he uses Duracoat firearms finishes

 and they are available in over 300 colours, 

with over 30 Camo patterns available as well.


There are also a number of traditional finish replicators in their line, 

so you can have the look of bluing without the worry of rusty fingerprints 

if you forget to wipe a gun down after a day in the field or on the range.

Right now they are on Facebook at Notch and Post Custom

And on instagram at notchandpostcustom.

or email at [email protected]

They can also accept firearms by mail.

Next Club Level Safety Course

Notice of Handgun Safety Training Courses for new members will be found here.

All courses are held at the Club House starting at 7:00 p.m.

Present members may take the safety course as a refresher at no charge

This course is required by the Regulations under the Firearms Act for all new members.

Please contact Education & Safety Officer Gord Boyer at [email protected]

if you wish to find out more about the courses.

Firearms Licence Renewals

Do not let your PAL expire!

Below is the link to the RCMP licence renewal web-page.

Newsletters are occasionally released by the Chief Firearms Office for Ontario.  

To obtain a copy of the news letters in our possession,

please click on the buttons below.