Crean Hill Gun Club

Serving the Sport Shooters of the District of Sudbury Since 1965

A Successful Open House

Thank you to all who attended, participated in, and 

worked at 

the Crean Hill Gun Club Open House on 

January 17, 2015.

It was a chilly but pleasant day and our visitors filled the

club house meeting room in the morning.

Many thanks to the members of the 

Sudbury District Black Powder Association for attending

and allowing us all to see a large collection of unique

 firearms.  (See pictures below)

Our thanks to Rob Boyer for the well-organized lecture

about black powder firearms and the history of firearms

development and to Trevor Wiese for his informative 

discussion about in-line black powder shooting.

Many visitors took to the range to try out some of the

very interesting firearms provided by the

Sudbury District Black Powder Association.

The day was broken up by lunch, once again 

prepared by Chef Valerie Walker 

(ready to take home two black powder firearms, left)

who cooked up a 12 

quart batch of terrific chilli, 

most of which was gone by 1:00.

Several of our members jumped in with contributions for

coffee, soft drinks, snacks and lunch including 

Jack Rivet, Vance McAfee, Trevor Wiese, 

Chris Caron & Albert Bower.

Following lunch, Cowboy Action Match Director

Phil Bertrand

provided a brief lecture about cowboy action shooting 

followed by a demonstration on the indoor range in 

which several visitors and members participated.

Thank you Phil for sharing your knowledge & skill.

Following the cowboy action fun, 

Deputy Match Director Chris Caron

set up a terrific IPSC match.

Match Director Len Walker provided a short

introduction into IPSC shooting.

8 shooters participated in the match which several 

spectators stayed to watch.

Our open house was so successful that it is likely this 

will be an annual event.

Thanks to all who attended!